SEPTEMBER 2021 CLUB MEETING – Antenna Analyzers


SEPTEMBER 2021 CLUB MEETING – Antenna Analyzers

Join us for the in-person September 2021 meeting of the Fayette County Amateur Radio Club on 9/23/2021 @ 7pm. All are welcome. Our meetings are generally held on the 4th Thursday of the month, except November & December. This month’s program will be a joint presentation between Mark Ingman, KW4ZW and Brian Haren, W8BYH, on the types and uses of analyzers in Amateur Radio applications. The presentation will focus on current generation portable analyzers, with a focus on the functions and use of the new NanoVNA devices.

They are intending for this to be a hands-on demonstration, so in-person attendance is encouraged if you able to safely attend. We will stream as much of it as we can (see Zoom link below).


Brian Haren biography

Brian, W8BYH has been a licensed ham since 1995 and a member of the Fayette County Amateur Radio Club and Fayette ARES since 2001. He is a past club president and has served on a variety of club committees and working groups down through the years. His current interests are digital mode operations, portable and emergency operations, and Army MARS.

Mark Ingman biography

I cut my teeth in ham radio in the early 1980’s as an operator at the Army MARS station in Würzburg, Germany but never managed to get licensed because the code requirements were just too daunting. Later training and duty stations had me working on microwave communications, encryption devices, and at one point even as the operator of a 1000W full duplex mobile HF long distance communications rig.

My civilian jobs since 1990 have been medical equipment related and radio took a back seat until I started training to fly paramotors in 2017. During training I noticed that my trainer was using what I later identified as a Baofeng radio. I asked if he thought I should get my ham license and he thought it was a good idea so after some study I was able to pass all three tests in one try.

In the intervening years both paramotoring and ham radio have consumed almost all of my free time.
I discovered NanoVNA’s when I was trying to design and build an antenna for paramotoring and I’ve spent probably more time than I should have learning about them. They represent a fantastic tool for pretty much any ham radio licensee and I’m looking forward to sharing this knowledge and experience with everyone.


Meeting information

Meeting will be held at the Fayette County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at 110 Volunteer Way, Fayetteville, GA. The EOC is co-located with the 911 center.

Online access information for those that want to tune in from home via Zoom –

Meeting ID: 830 9577 6284
Passcode: 11111

Dial-in number: (646) 558-8656