2019 Spring Fox Hunt



(updated 4/27/2019) – Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in our 2019 Spring Fox Hunt.  Congratulations to our winning team of Jonathan Baxter (KN4FSN), Ryan Bibby (KN4RQL), Tom Kirkbride (K1EOD), and Jason Kirkbride (currently studying to the exam).  They found all of the hidden radio transmitters (foxes) before the time cutoff.

2019 Spring Fox Hunt winners

2019 Spring Fox Hunt winners


2019 Spring Fox Hunt participants

2019 Spring Fox Hunt participants

We need your help!  Aliens have setup secret radio transmitters in Fayette County and we need your help in finding them.  We’ll conduct the hidden radio transmitter finding “fox hunting” on Saturday, April 27, 2019 from 9-11am.  More details follow…

  • WHO – You!  This event is free to the public and you do NOT have to be a licensed amateur radio operator or club member to participate.
  • WHAT – A hidden radio transmitter “fox hunt”
  • WHEN – Saturday, April 27, 2019 from 9am-11am
  • WHERE – “Somewhere” in Fayette County


KI4ASK & KI4HHI gave a presentation called Fox Hunting 101 to the Fayette County Amateur Radio Club. Click the link for a PDF copy of the presentation.


The Fayette County Amateur Radio Club has received word from county officials that unauthorized radio transmissions have been detected south of Metro Atlanta inside Fayette County, Georgia.  Strange lights and possibly a UFO have been reported.  We’ve been asked to help locate the hidden radio transmitters that may be of alien origin.  Early reports seem to indicate that the aliens like to be near sources of water.  The radio transmissions all appear to be low-power VHF in the range of 144-147 MHz.  Because this is an evolving situation, check back on this web page and the event Facebook page for the latest information.


Your mission is to help us find four radio transmitters, two of them “friendly” and two of them from the aliens. We need to locate the transmitters by 11am on 4/27/19.  You may work together as a team or individual to help us find the hidden radio transmitters.  Please do NOT use doppler equipment, as it’s been known to scare off the aliens.  You can use other typical “fox hunt” tracking equipment.  If you do not have tracking equipment, we’ll pair you up with radio operators that have the gear.


  1. Find the HQ using Automatic Position Reporting System (APRS).  We will establish the operational headquarters at 8am the morning of the event and beacon the location as “KI4ASK-7”.  If you are a ham radio operator, you already know what APRS is and can use your equipment to find us.  If you are not a ham radio operator, simply go to the APRS.FI website and type in “KI4ASK-7” in the “Track Callsign” field.  It will pinpoint the location on a Google Map.  There are also APRS apps for iPhone and Droid you can use. We will begin beaconing the HQ location at 8am and continue every 5 minutes until 9am.  Locate the HQ and drive to the HQ location by 9am, when the actual event begins.  You may arrive early.
  2. Find the Forward Operating Base Alpha (FOB Alpha) using radio direction finding techniques.  FOB Alpha will be staffed by friendly forces.  You will be looking for a person talking on a radio.  Their callsign and the frequency will be given out at event HQ starting at 9am, the morning of the event.
  3. Find Alien Transmitter One (AT1) using radio direction finding techniques.  Because the aliens change their frequencies each day, we won’t know the actual frequency until the day of the event.  All we know is that they use low-power VHF in between 144-147 MHz.  We will disseminate the frequency once you reach FOB Alpha.  You will be looking for a radio transmitter which may or may not have an alien being nearby.
  4. Find Alien Transmitter Two (AT2) using radio direction finding techniques.  Again, we’ll give this out once you reach FOB Alpha. Like AT1, you will be looking for a radio transmitter which may or may not have an alien being nearby.


  • Thursday, April 25th, 7pm (Optional) – consider coming to the Fayette County Amateur Radio Club meeting on Thursday, April 25 at 7pm to learn more about radio transmitter finding (fox hunting). The meeting will be held at the First United Methodist Church of Fayetteville, Room C-260.  You do not have to be a club member or even an amateur “ham” radio operator to participate.  This is free to the public. Click here for a copy of the presentation.
  • Saturday, April 27th, 8am – Event HQ will begin beaconing their position as “KI4ASK-7” using APRS on 144.390 MHz at 8am on 4/27/19.  See above objective one for more information how to locate HQ.  Once you determine the location, drive to HQ.
  • Saturday, April 27th, 9am – Event starts at HQ.  You will be given the frequency of FOB Alpha and that is your next objective.  Some short distance walking will be needed.  Once you find FOB Alpha, they will give you the frequencies of AT1 and AT2 for you to find.
  • Saturday, April 27th, 11am – Event ends at HQ.


  • Wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes.  There will be some short-distance walking required.
  • Bring water / snacks.  Event HQ is known to like donuts, so you might want to bring them a donut.
  • Bring radio direction finding equipment (if you don’t have that, HQ will pair you up with a team that has the gear)
  • Bring paper and writing utensil
  • Become familiar with radio fox hunting / ARDF ahead of time using internet research.
  • Take a look at a map of Fayette County ahead of time so that you are familiar with the area
  • Event HQ will give you a special map the day of the event for your use in finding the other transmitters
  • Come to the meeting on 4/25 to learn more (optional)

Questions / Coordination

  • During the day of the event, for ham radio operators we will use the 145.210 MHz repeater for questions/coordinations.  If you aren’t a ham radio operator, you can text the HQ Coordinator Joe Domaleski via cell phone (678) 464-9016.
  • Keep an eye on this web page and the Facebook event page for late breaking news!
  • Fox Hunting 101 presentation (PDF)


One last thing – this is a totally fictional scenario.  Aliens have NOT invaded Fayette County, nor has the War of the Worlds begun.  The event is real, however, and we hope you can join us for a fun morning!

Last updated: 4/27/2019, 2:10pm